Random Acts Creations

RAC has been many things. Among those things, it has primarily been a place for me to vent my artistic side when I feel I have the opportunity. I’ve spent countless hours creating clothing designs for the RAC campaign without really understanding what I wanted to do with it. Would it be a clothing company all to itself? Would it stand out among the rest of my work? Would it make an impact?

These are all questions I’ve often asked myself. Working towards an end goal was difficult and once it finally arrived, I knew that I couldn’t wait long to share it with you.

There is a new wave coming.

I’ve worked for a long time on this project, and before I release it I want to make something clear. I’m going to be releasing every pent up design I’ve kept in my backlog before I start building up to what RAC will become. I don’t want these anymore, they aren’t what RAC has become.

In times of dire stress, things evolve and change, and that evolution creates a new kind of progress.

Necessity is the mother of invention.

Madness is the father of creation.

Together, they united and made an ocean for us to be a part of. At times, frightening, at other times, heartbreaking, but more than anything else, it is exciting.

Exciting to be alive at all.

RAC Logo 2019 No Background.png

Water - The Logical Soul

Inside all of us is this desire to fit in and see ourselves how the world sees us. There is this deep rooted need to perhaps click with someone the way we feel we’ve clicked with them. We search for companionship subconsciously, and we don’t always think about it like that. When we cross the sidewalk on our way to work, or class, or back home there is someone near you looking at you and in that moment they are wondering what it is that made you. I think about the things that make us a lot. It’s illogical, the way we float from A to B and still have the unprecedented luck within us to experience this amazing life. That’s where Random Acts Creations first started. I wanted to put that thought of mine into something tangible. The desire to be connected runs through all of us, like a river - Random Acts Creations is a clothing company meant to proclaim the love of living and to show that we are all connected, somehow. While you search for your next big story, wear your love, literally, on your sleeve.

The Doctor is on his way…