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Life is… What?

Life is complicated, difficult, frustrating and sometimes can feel impossible. Those feelings are what led me to creating the Lifeis+ campaign, every year on my birthday I wanted to do something special with the business. But what? I would ask myself every evening as I laid down to bed. I have nothing more to give than the birds chirping outside my window.

Then I understood.

Our lives are catapulted upon us before we are always ready, the work we choose, the path we take, the lives we lead are all happening in unison, and something about that is simply beautiful to me. I couldn’t help be lay in bed two years ago with a big smile on my face, knowing that I had something to say. So this March, celebrate with me as each day unfolds and I talk to you about what got me to where I am, and all the things I’ve learned along the way.

I used to think that I was alone in the world, until I saw those that I loved saying the same things. I watched as each of us moved through time and space alone as the next.

Then I understood.

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Lifeis+ 2019 Shchedule:

March 1: Left Hand Misery +
March 3: Grimoire of Finality - The Black Crown
March 5: Failing Transmission +
March 6: Talking Floorboards - I Still Think
March 7: Loremaster - Those Green Hours
March 8: Umbral Dawning - Supply of Air
March 9: From Prince…
March 10: Grimoire of Finality - The Gaussian Nebula
March 11: Coronation
March 12: Awake in a Dream +
March 13: Talking Floorboards - Kings of Ages
March 14: Loremaster - Petrichor
March 15: Umbral Dawning - To Kill a Heart
March 16: Kings of Ice
March 17: Grimoire of Finality - Magus
March 18: Thrones
March 19: TBIEB +
March 20: Talking Floorboards - Save the Queen
The Plants are Talking
March 21: Loremaster - Broken Lens
March 22: Umbral Dawning - Symphony of Eyes
March 23: Queen of Death
March 24: Grimoire of Finality - Alchemy
March 25: Crown
March 26: Code Red +
March 27: Talking Floorboards - Two Twisted Minds
March 28: Loremaster - Gray Matter
March 29: Umbral Dawning - Tilted Crown
Twenty-Six Tongues
March 30: The Four Kings