Mean for the Holidays

The holiday season can be difficult for those who feel lonely, or lost, those who feel like there is nothing out there worth believing in, and those who just don’t feel at home in the world.

I’m one of those people more often than I’m not. I started writing a collection of short stories back in 2014 that I wanted to give to my friends for Christmas one year. It was an inspired project, one which I hadn’t completed until two years after the intended publication date.

I’ve had a tendency every year to pack the most work into the final three months of each year, between Inktober, NaNoWriMo + Christmas I find myself strung out every year on caffeine and sleeplessness, writing away my days and polishing off a bottle of Carolan’s by the cap of every weekend.

This year has been about growth, learning my process and understanding what I need to do to be a better creator, a better author, and because of those things, inspiring me to be a better man.

I don’t feel as sad this Christmas. I don’t feel lonely, or hopeless, or without something to believe in.

This year, I feel at home.

From December 11th to Christmas Eve, I’ve prepared a series of releases for you to enjoy. Few of them will require any money, or dedication. I haven’t released any complicated riddles or mysteries that I hope some of you will solve. This year, I wanted to focus on something much bigger than all of the intricate parts of my mind. I wanted to focus on yours.

Next to none of these releases demand money from you. In fact, they don’t demand anything at all. From the 11th until Christmas Eve, there will be a storm of content coming from deep within my heart. The things I’ve wanted to say and wanted to get off my chest for some time. There are short stories, there are clothing designs, there are giveaways and most importantly, there are a few stories about the hardest battles I’ve fought this year.

I hope that something in this terrible weather will keep you here, if only for a night.

The Mean Shadows are the strongest when our world grows cold.

Dec 11: Unwelcome Visitor
Dec 11: Burning Up
Dec 12: Life is not Meant to be Awful eBook Releases
Dec 13: Grimoire of Finality
Dec 13: How to Stay Happy When Your Godmother is Doing Chemo
Dec 14: Blackout
Dec 15: Strange Fruit 1
Dec 16: Strange Fruit 2
Dec 17: Strange Fruit 3
Dec 17: How to Stay Loving When You Don’t Think You Love Enough
Dec 18: Bad Ritual
Dec 19: Two Today
Dec 20: The Culling of Creation
Dec 21: Ghosts?
Dec 22: The Law of Creativity
Dec 22: How to Stay Alive When You Can Feel The Light Inside You Die
Dec 23: An Awful Announcement.

There are no riddles to solve, or things to uncover within this project. Simply, there is something worth being shared. I wanted to share it with you. With the highs and lows we’ve all seen this year, I thought it might be good to give back to the place that gave so much to me. In good times and bad. Keep your eyes peeled. There may be more coming that I haven’t yet promised.

You know, to keep my shadow on its toes.


SAI Prismatic Rings 2019.jpg

The Prismatic Rings

As the First Origin came to exist, Syzal took a hollow container and filled it with air. This provided life to things that didn’t yet exist, and when he knew what he would create he divided the air into two pieces, taking the lower half and forming it into water. When he looked upon his creation he was not satisfied, and in a rage he blew anger within the container from his lips and fire rose from the sea, boiling the water away. In its place, he slowed the movements of what remained to a standstill, from which earth was born. To heal it, he offered a fragment of himself. The flesh of a god lain across the very worlds we reside on, to give them new life apart from his frustrations. Thus, the elements were born and he could dedicate his time to creating what would come to live within this container… Humanity.

As the years passed, the humans grew and learned and one day the discovered Syzal’s flesh that covered the land and brought the magic out from within them, and they took it for themselves. Creating magic of their own. In a furious sorrow, Syzal stripped the container of his flesh and flooded it away. When the treacherous waters receded… all traces of the foolish god were removed from the world and humanity was lost.

From then on, those who lived within Syzal’s container grew restless, endlessly searching for the essence that blessed them with such formidable power. But they would never find it again. Not until millennia later, when one discovered that the essence of magic rested within him, as a part of his human soul.

There are still a great many whispers of legends from a time before our own, that the flesh of Gods could still be found. But the fifth element, Ether, was forbidden by all who knew of its harrowing existence. Since then, the knowledge of this power was lost to the great many celestial bodies that spiral around above the people within the container, still searching for the final piece of the prism. With the loss of Ether, the world was thrown into chaos and nations began rising up with their limited powers, casting aside their honor and using their magics for evil, and these magic blooded humans lost their lives in a great war, until Syzal return and established five souls to harness their power…

Those souls were hidden from mortal sight, given guardians and warriors to protect them. For centuries the Titans protected the Four Prismatic Souls which resided within Materia, but one day… they were discovered…