Gravity, My Enemy

A Story told in parts.

A soul ignited by a boy.

Marco Eiswald: Vex of Flame.

“There is a fire igniting within Materia. The First Law will soon be revealed. You know that Marco has fallen in league with demons, don’t you?”

“I’ve heard, yes. I wasn’t prepared to meet him so soon.”

“You know how dangerous he is, you know that he will strike at me without hesitation. My angelic presence is not what will help us gain him.”

“So you expect me to take the giant and go to Mexico?”

“If you wish to save your universe, then yes… I do.”

The Firesoul has been discovered.

Agharthan Cypher.jpg

It is only a matter of time now before the Firesoul erupts. Either we claim it or someone else will. I fear that the Mean Shadows are making their way towards it now.Use what I’ve given you. Use the cipher. I created it after the Shadows had gone, they don’t know where it came from. They have been shut out from understanding. Should you succeed, I will reward you for conquering the challenges that lay ahead of you. The clock is ticking. I expect nothing but the best from you, hunters.

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Fire - The Creative Soul.

This is a blog about life. The struggles we have are not always unique to us. You and I can find solace in each other. The truth of it is, we need one another, you and I. Gravity, My Enemy is the longest standing work that sits beneath Salt + Iron Productions. It is a testament to the yearning desire for happiness, above all things. It is life lessons, creativity and heart from the perspective of a young man who falls so often, but knows that there is more to be gained from standing up every time you fall.

Well aware of the darkness of life, but still looking towards the light - Gravity, My Enemy is for those who are seeking. Seeking inspiration in a time of need? Read on. Seeking hope in the midst of loss? Read on. Seeking something to bring a smile to your face?