Dungeon Crawler

Some of my favorite moments are wrapped up in the creation of stories for various D&D related escapades. I think one of my hallmark favorites over the course of my DM career was a friend of mine playing a Druid opted to bite steel bars to try and break an NPC from her prison. Of course, D&D is much more to me than just making chew toys out of prisons, it's about the joy you can find with your friends...

In Search of Something, Desperation

Much of my life is based around my faith. Actually, all of it is. When things come along and shake that faith it brings a new weight to heft upon my shoulders. I deal with it in a myriad of ways. Often times, it is through study and thinking. 

When Underoath released their latest album, I felt one of those tremors. But not simply because I felt personally hurt that they had stepped away from the "Christian" band label and a number of them were no longer Christians, but it was more than that. They were a shining example of Christian music and the veil that is cast over so many people regarding the life behind the scenes and in the context of "Religious" bands.