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Ever running, like water on a stream, I had this idea when I was a little kid that I realized once when playing with micro cars.  I wanted to find micro boats, just tiny mechanical boats that were four of five inches in length that I could control and drive around the gutters in the midst of the rainstorms. I never thought about how even the flow of water in the gutter would take my tiny boats away and down the drainage grate, to the land of malformed clowns and improperly disposed garbage.

Years later I would go on to make a clothing company founded in that desire.

No matter how small, or delicate, your dreams are so vastly important. My creativity was beaten and molded and cherished in my youth. Between the support of my mother and the ridicule of the kids who decided I wasn’t going to be as cool as them in high school, I became something that I hadn’t even predicted myself to be.


Clearwater Clothing Company exists to break boundaries, to eliminate the desire

Our clothing is an extension of ourselves, a stretched expression of who we are and what we enjoy. It’s easy to find ourselves casting out old clothing we’ve never worn because of what we hear about the new trends. Eager to follow and eager to please,