Welcome to the Bone Cult.

In late 2016 I had an idea in the midst of a sleepless night, trying to figure out my next steps. I knew what I wanted to do with Salt + Iron Productions, I knew where I wanted to take this whole business. I had the plans laid out but I realized something quickly. I had absolutely no clue how I could get from A to B. That's where this idea was born. I watched other creators: writers, musicians, actors and more who I looked up to greatly build these platforms that seemed like they were colossal, their fans paid mind to them and carried these people through the world as if they were walking hand in hand with a good friend. I have always wanted to build that same relationship with you.

So, that is where the motive came from that led me to this decision. I decided to create a community. Now, I know that sounds silly. "Alva, Communities aren't just created." I can hear some of you thinking. That's where I want people to think I am wrong. I want that idea to remain so that I can shatter the concept of it like brittle glass. There are no laws dictating that I can't stand up one day and urge those who think like me, who feel like me, and who support me to band together. I have grown the business through sunshine, rain, and fierce storms. I have been battered and broken by events in my life. I have personally seen loved ones walk away, and I have been put in positions where I was forced to leave the lives of other loved ones.

That's where I started thinking, wishing, for a place we could all go that would act as a kind of shelter. It wouldn't protect us from the storms and it won't hide us from the small waves, but I think I found what I was looking for. Community. I have always believed that we need one another in order to truly live well. We cannot go through these stories alone. Books don't only have one character. Movies don't show still images of broken men and women on the shore. If life imitates art, then we can see in the large mirror that we are in fact not alone. I wanted a group that could remind everyone of that. 

Thus, this was born. Bone Cult is a concept I had been developing for a long, long time. I had originally planned it as a movement for my blog, but felt that it had a bigger part to play. This concept that we can be who we want to be, we can do what we want to do as long as it supports and pushes the concepts of happiness and peace between one another. My methods have changed greatly over the years, but my motives haven't wavered a bit. I still want to help you if I can do that through these writings, these musical notes, and soon, through my silly videos. Bone Cult is a resource for you and I to work together. 

I am not sending invitations, nor am I making this something exclusive. I want us to foster the creation together.