Alva Tobias

The Airsoul has been discovered.

It has been a facet of our world from the very beginning. When Syzal first discovered his new home, he created air. It was more than just a substance to push away the void that came before. It was something he needed in order to give us life. The darkness before the first gasp of air was smothering. It would have smothered us, too. If Syzal hadn’t first created air for us to breathe, we would not be here still to continue to create and experience this existence.

We will not be afraid of the darkness. We will push it back with breath from our lungs.

We are children of creation. We will live as such.

The Airsoul must be the source of that power. But what secrets does it hold?

Within a yawning void of life
Syzal spoke into the null.
From within he brought a hunger,
For life he’d come to grow.
The Void drew away from it.
As air had filled his home.

When the curious god inhaled
New life for his creation,
Silence hid in shadows still.
Yet the betrayal lay before him
This curious god’s hope final

That air born of stolen hope
Would fill his stolen vial.

Published Work

Bad Ritual

Captain Patton is an accomplished Witch Hunter, despite his unique methods he has garnered for himself a small following. Students have come to watch from him, hearing stories about his victories from their elders. He adopted the class and began teaching them so that he could rest safely, knowing that the next generation of Witch Hunters would be capable of creating a safe and thriving world, one without Witches, and one without mishandled magic.

On this particular day, he finds himself peering into the past of a woman with a deadly secret, one which her children mistakenly uncovered.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Unwelcome Visitor

A whole new world presented itself upon the first moments of the machine’s life. An unfamiliar home surrounded him, and his consciousness clouded, as if parts of his memory were being intentionally blocked off.

As he came to meet Iosef, the master of the household, a dark secret began to unravel before him. One which threatened more than just his simple existence. The sins of his past, he came to understand, would mar the future of humanity forever.

But before he could try to understand his place in the world, he must learn what he truly is, and why he is being kept locked in another man’s basement with a like minded machine across from him, speaking slowly through text.

Each word from her mouth a warning.

Part One

Part Two

Two Today

The rising pressure of becoming a father wore on Marshall, but he promised his wife that he would be strong for her, no matter what.

Come time for their delivery, a chance meeting with a strange woman brought him to his knees as his wife gave birth, and he understood all that fatherhood entailed.

Strange Fruit

Nick would regularly watch his father out in their backyard garden, working on the roses and the tulips, shearing the dead leaves and vines. It was a ritual that his father had been a part of since his mothers death.

In some ways, Nick understood the need for that stability. But when he awoke in the middle of the night to find his father slicing off his own fingertips, he began to question the nature of the quaint garden he had spent days admiring.

He stayed silent about the acts that followed for years, but the time has come for Nick to share what happened that fateful night, and why he moved away from his home.

He left with one long call into the night, hoping that someone would help him understand.

Could a garden heal a broken heart?

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

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Air - The Encouraging Soul

When I was a child, I wanted nothing more than to write and tell stories. I was heavily inspired by my grandfather, a man who had a story for every second and then some more. A man who always knew what to say. In times of fear, he showed me courage. In times of anger, he showed me compassion. In times of joy, he showed me love. when I got older I decided to dedicate what I do to him. I wanted it to be my biggest, most ambitious project. That became this, Alva Tobias + Books. Through the works I publish my intention is to spread my core message, but to remind those who pick up my work that this life has so much to offer. You can be anything and you can do anything. You can do it all well, too. Alva Tobias intends to be the force that brings you out of tension, to give you a place to go to in times of stress. To say to you that there is no dream too ambitious to accomplish. - Alva Tobias is for everyone and anyone who needs a light, who needs a hiding place for a moment, for anyone who needs a place to rest. A story is lying within each of us.