Alva Tobias

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Air - The Encouraging Soul

When I was a child, I wanted nothing more than to write and tell stories. I was heavily inspired by my grandfather, a man who had a story for every second and then some more. A man who always knew what to say. In times of fear, he showed me courage. In times of anger, he showed me compassion. In times of joy, he showed me love. when I got older I decided to dedicate what I do to him. I wanted it to be my biggest, most ambitious project. That became this, Alva Tobias + Books. Through the works I publish my intention is to spread my core message, but to remind those who pick up my work that this life has so much to offer. You can be anything and you can do anything. You can do it all well, too. Alva Tobias intends to be the force that brings you out of tension, to give you a place to go to in times of stress. To say to you that there is no dream too ambitious to accomplish. - Alva Tobias is for everyone and anyone who needs a light, who needs a hiding place for a moment, for anyone who needs a place to rest. A story is lying within each of us.