Two Sides of the Same Coin

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Salt + Iron Productions

Salt + Iron Productions was founded in October 2012 as a business to do business from. When it was born, it didn’t have a clearly defined purpose, but it was meant for something. It’s creator, Alan Larkin vowed that he wouldn’t start something and leave it unfinished, he wasn’t willing to repeat the soda can pyramid disaster of ‘09.

Just out of high school, lost for a life-plan and unwilling to conform to the desires of his family, friends, or himself, he picked up a job and worked and hoped that something would make way for him. Eventually, by way of an elderly woman who bought him lunch, he found the path he wanted to find.

After that day, Salt + Iron Productions was born, not officially of course. I had no idea what I was getting myself into when this business hit the ground running, it took five years to define a clear and distinct plan for what Salt + Iron would grow to be.

After years of searching, Salt + Iron has become a beacon of creativity. Sometimes hopeful, sometimes pained, but always looking for the next moment and urging the fans, followers, and other likewise lost to do the same. Salt + Iron is a Production company, as the name states.

What do we produce? Everything, primarily, hope. But beyond that, Salt + Iron Productions produces Clothing + Writing, in the future, we will produce Art + Music, as well as whatever else we happen to pick up along the way.

Find Joy in your unique ability to see the world, and use that ability to change it for the better. That is the mission of Salt + Iron Productions.

The motto?

Life is not meant to be awful.

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Alva Tobias

Alva Tobias is a self published author hailing from the beautiful sunsets and soul shaking winters of Northern Nevada. He writes what he loves, and the things he loves involve religion, being kind, dogs and studying things he doesn’t understand, mathematics and the occult, for example.

He takes a bold approach to his writing process and prefers it if he must panic to complete a writing project to fulfill the deadlines he has created for himself, far before any publication date has even been thought of. In the meantime, while he is procrastinating he enjoys playing video games, making music, graphic design, art, and never washing the dishes.

Alva has successfully juggled a small business while maintaining a consistent ritual of caffeine addiction and a multi-faceted quest to prove that the Philosopher Stone is real, and discover the existence of any remaining dinosaurs, while working on the expansive universe in which his books are set. His latest, “The Darling Bones” was re-released in 2017 after he awoke from a caffeinated binge and realized that he had forgotten to edit the first edition in 2013.

Other works of his include everything written within his blog, which primarily consists of stories about the highs and lows of humanity and poetry he never sent to his girlfriends in high school, other works you may find would likely be scraps of napkins left behind after a busy shift at work. If you find them now, you’d be at the dump. However, if you find any of his work within the landfill, he requests that you message him on social media with a photo of the work and a date of which you found it to claim a reward. To find out more about Alva Tobias and his many hats, follow him on Instagram @alvatobiasbooks + read up on his life posted weekly on

Gravity, My Enemy